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Morning Recital
Strings and Songs Around Our Shore
Sinéad O’Kelly - Soprano
William Morgan - Tenor
Kieran Rayner - Baritone
String Quartet from Ensemble Reza
Lucy Jeal and Andrew Thurgood - violins
Anna Cooper - viola
Sarah Carvalho-Dubost - cello
with Nancy Cooley - piano

Gustav Holst - Four songs for voice and violin
(poems from A Medieval Anthology)

sung by Sinéad O’Kelly

            Jesu sweet

            My soul has nought but fire and ice

            I sing of a maiden

            My Leman is so true


George Butterworth - Love blows as the wind blows (W. E Henley)

sung  by Kieran Rayner

            In the year that’s come and gone

            Life in her creaking shoes

            Fill a glass with golden wine

            On the way to Kew


Ralph Vaughan Williams - On Wenlock Edge (A.E. Housman)

sung by William Morgan

            On Wenlock Edge

            From far, from eve and morning

            Is my team ploughing

            Oh, when I was in love with you

            Bredon Hill



Samuel Barber - Dover Beach  (Matthew Arnold)

sung by Kieran Rayner


Rebecca Clarke

sung by Sinéad O’Kelly

            Down by the Salley Gardens

            Three Irish country songs:

                        I know my love

                        I know where I’m going

                        As I was goin’ to Ballynure

Sinéad O’Kelly - Soprano

Sinéad O’Kelly

William Morgan - Tenor

William Morgan

Kieran Rayner - Baritone

Kieran Rayner​

Ensemble Reza

picture by David Waterhouse

Ensemble Reza - picture by David Waterhouse


Despite & Still - Ecstatic Twentieth Century Songs
Alice Privett - Soprano
Chad Vindin - Piano

John Harbison - Mirabei Songs (Mirabei, transl. Robert Bly)

            It’s true, I went to the market

            All I was doing was breathing

            Why Mira can’t go back to her old house

            Where did you go?

            The clouds

            Don’t go, don’t go


Samuel Barber - Despite and Still

            A Last Song ( Robert Graves)

            My Lizard (Theodore Roethke)

            In the Wilderness ( Graves)

            Solitary Hotel ( from Joyce’s Ulysses)

            Despite and Still ( Graves)


Olivier Messiaen - from Poèmes Pour Mi

(text by the composer)

            Action de grâces


            Le Collier

            Prière exaucée


Maurice Ravel - Cinq Mélodies populaires Grecques

(transl. Calvocoressi)

            Le Réveil de la Marieé

            Là-bas, vers l’église

            Quel galant m’est comparable

            Chanson des cueilleuses de Lentisques

            Tout gai!

Alice Privett (Soprano) & Chad Vindin (Piano)

Alice Privett & Chad Vindin


None but the Lonely Heart - a Russian Recital
Pauls Putnins - Baritone
Nancy Cooley - Piano

Tchaikovsky (1840 - 1893)

            Don Juan’s Serenade (A.K. Tolstoy)

            Amidst the din of the ball (A.K.Tolstoy)

            None but the lonely heart (Goethe)


Musorgsky (1839 - 1881) - Songs and dances of death (Golenishtchev-Kutusov)




            Field Marshall


Rachmaninov (1873 - 1943)

            The dream  (Pleshtsheiev)

            When yesterday we met (Polonsky)

            All passes (Rathaus)

            In the silence of a secret night  (Kolzov)


Borodin (1833 -1887)

            The sea (Borodin)

            For the shores of your distant homeland (Pushkin)


Sviridov ( 1915 - 1998)  - selection from ‘Russia cast adrift’ (Sergei Yesenin)

            Russia cast adrift


            I left my home behind

            Russian song

Paul Putnins - Baritone
Nancy Cooley - Piano

Paul Putnins

Nancy Cooley

SUNDAY 3rd JULY at 3.00PM

A Cappella with Flowers and Birds
The Baroque Collective Singers
Conducted by John Hancorn


            Fair Phyllis I saw sitting all alone ( John Farmer)

            Draw on sweet night (John Wilbye)

            April is in my mistress’ face ( Thomas Morley)


Clément Janequin

            Le Chant des Oyseaulx


Benjamin Britten - from Five Flower Songs

            To daffodils (Herrick)

            The evening primrose (Clare)

            Ballad of Green Broom (anon - trad.)


Paul Hindemith - Six Chansons (Rilke)

            La Biche

            Un Cygne

            Puisque tout passe


            En Hiver



Robert Pearsall (from Beaumont and Fletcher’s play ‘The Maid’s Tragedy’)

            Lay a garland


Edward Elgar

            My love dwelt in a northern land (Andrew Lang)

            As torrents in summer (Longfellow)


Hubert Parry

            Music when soft voices die (Shelley)


François Poulenc - from Huit Chansons Française

            C’est la petit’ fill’ du Prince

            La Belle se sied au pied de la tour

            Les tisserands

Baroque Collective Singers

Baroque Collective Singers

Nancy Cooley - Piano

John Hancorn


From here to Spain, and across the Atlantic
Mary Plaza - Soprano
Nancy Cooley - Piano

Benjamin Britten  -  On this Island (W.H.Auden)

            Let the florid music praise

            Now the leaves are falling fast



            As it is, plenty


Fernando Obradors  -  from Canciones Clásicas Españolas

            El Vito

            Tres Morillas

            La Guitarra sin prima

            La mi sola, Laureola

            Al Amor

            Corazón porque pasais

            Del Cabello más sutil

            Chiquitita la novia


Aaron Copland - from Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson

            Nature, the gentlest mother

            There came a wind like a bugle

            Why do they shut me out of Heaven?

            The world feels dusty

            Heart, we will forget him

            Going to Heaven!

            The chariot


Manuel de Falla - Siete Canciones populares Españolas

            El Paño Moruno

            Seguidilla Murciana






Mary Plazas - Soprano

Mary Plaza

Review by Richard Wignore

Spain, Suffolk and New England proved a flavoursome mix in the finale of Nancy Cooley’s enterprising Lewes Festival of Song. In the atmospheric setting of the twelfth-century church of St Anne’s, soprano Mary Plazas and Cooley paired songs by Britten and Copland with the earthy Spanish folk tradition as recreated by Manuel de Falla and Fernando Obradors.


Plazas’s intense involvement, her gift for ‘selling’ a song, will come as no surprise to anyone who has seen her at ENO, whether as Puccini’s doomed Mimi and Cio-Cio San or as a captivating Sharpears in The Cunning Little Vixen. Abetted by Cooley’s rhythmically pungent playing, she caught all the bravado, acerbity and (in the haunting ‘Nocturne’) dreamlike mystery of Britten’s early Auden cycle On this Island. Finding darker, rawer colours within her bright lyric soprano, Plazas was a deft and witty story teller in the Obradors folksong arrangements (her Iberian heritage and fluent Spanish an obvious advantage here). In Copland’s settings of Emily Dickinson, suffused with images of transience and death, she was tender and touching, making every word tell within a truly ‘bound’ legato line. 


Plazas and Cooley, as ever in close collusion, then had a field day in the piquant cameos of Falla’s Canciones Populares Españolas. Mingling charm, grace and fiery southern temperament, Plazas relished alike the unbridled wildness of ‘Jota’ and the poignancy and delicacy of the reflective songs. The almost delirious vehemence of the final ‘Polo’ rightly brought the house down, setting the seal on a memorable recital that moved and delighted in equal measure. 

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